Cory's Graduation

Cory's graduation weekend was such a fun celebration of his long awaited graduation from BYU's Accounting program with his Master's degree. It was so exciting to be at this point finally and fun to celebrate this guy and all his hard work. We were so lucky that all our parents got to attend and we had a fun weekend of activities and food. Of course, Cory picked Texas Road House and Tucanos for his graduation dinners (two places I don't usually vote for) but they both filled his meat loving heart with joy. 

He got some super fun dress clothes because I'm lame and couldn't think of any better presents, but he also got his one true desire which is MLB TV. Now he can watch the SF Giant's games every day. The ceremony was long but worth it for those few seconds of cheering as Cory got his diploma... case.

//Getting pumped for a day of celebrating.

//Hanging out at the victory bell after all the events.

Thank you Cory for all your hard work. Love you lots! I can't wait to start the next chapter of our life!

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