Cory's Graduation

Cory's graduation weekend was such a fun celebration of his long awaited graduation from BYU's Accounting program with his Master's degree. It was so exciting to be at this point finally and fun to celebrate this guy and all his hard work. We were so lucky that all our parents got to attend and we had a fun weekend of activities and food. Of course, Cory picked Texas Road House and Tucanos for his graduation dinners (two places I don't usually vote for) but they both filled his meat loving heart with joy. 

He got some super fun dress clothes because I'm lame and couldn't think of any better presents, but he also got his one true desire which is MLB TV. Now he can watch the SF Giant's games every day. The ceremony was long but worth it for those few seconds of cheering as Cory got his diploma... case.

//Getting pumped for a day of celebrating.

//Hanging out at the victory bell after all the events.

Thank you Cory for all your hard work. Love you lots! I can't wait to start the next chapter of our life!


Camping in the San Rafael Swell

My family always grew up camping on the desert just outside Huntington, Utah but until this summer, we had never fully explored it. This last weekend and a few weekends prior, we went out the San Rafael Swell with a flock of four-wheelers and our campers for relaxed weekends of camping. We found beautiful canyon scenery, amazing overlooks, a lot of rocks to climb on and caves to explore. Along with all that, the area has petroglyphs, pictographs and dinosaur fossils. Cory and I can't believe this isn't a national park or even a state park! It is a secret gem in the center of the Utah desert just hours from several national parks and Goblin Valley.

We camp at the beginning of the Buckhorn Wash so that we have only a quick ride either further into the canyons or up to the top of the plateaus. May is really the best month to go since it isn't too hot yet and we got several rain storms when we went in April. The Wedge Overlook, also known as the Little Grand Canyon, is a beautiful and quiet oasis. You can drive right up to the edge (& you will since it appears out of no where around the corner so be careful!) and there are even several camping spots. It is great to be able to look down into the red rock canyons and then be driving through those same sheer, flat rock faces with only a 20-30 minutes four-wheel drive.

 //Cory slipping off the edge.....

//Only joking.
//This is him acting crazy for real.

 //Some of these pictographs are over 2000 years old!
//Four-wheeling all day can be hard on your hair....


Capital Reef National Park

We have been wanting to go to Capital Reef for the longest time since it was the last of the Utah National Parks we hadn't visited. When our friends, Brad & Hannah, suggested a spontaneous day trip, we couldn't pass it up. Especially since they were bringing their 2 month old baby, Henry. 

We started out by stopping at the visitors center to map out our day. We decided to hike to the Hickman arch since it was still early and not too hot. It is a moderate, 2 mile round trip hike so it wasn't too bad. 

//Trying to get past a cow blockade.

//As you come into the park, there are some amazing views.

 //Cory and Brad took WAY too many pictures together.
  //& he looks much happier in the pictures with Brad.....

After our morning hike, we stopped in the Fruita, a pioneer village in the center of the park to see all the old buildings and eat a picnic lunch among the many fruit orchards. We were outside the Giffard Homestead store so we couldn't not get pie and it was SO good. We were eating it and kept saying we couldn't believe how good it was and we were glad we spent the $6 for such a small pie. We had the mixed berry with crumble on top and I still can't get over how amazing that pie was so definitely don't pass it up if you're there. We stuck around so Henry could get some wiggles out and eat while the boys threw around a football

Afterword, we headed on the scenic drive and we hiked along the Capital Gorge trail.

//I took my turn carrying Henry. It was really fun but he made me way warmer!

Our last stop in the park was the Gooseneck Outlook. We were so surprised there was such a deep, amazing canyon hidden just off the road. Definitely, worth the 0.25 mile hike! As we headed out of town, we stopped at Slackers in Torrey to get burgers and ice cream. The park was amazing but these burgers and ice cream were something else! A week later we were thinking about making the 3 hour drive again to get some more. That is how amazing this food was. 

We loved going on this last adventure with our friends before we move to opposite sides of the country, sadly, but I'm sure we'll visit each other and have more adventures in the future!


That time I biked to Benjamin

Somehow, I got it into my mind that I wanted to bike from my house, in Provo, to my grandma's house, in Benjamin. It seemed impossible but I know a lot of people bike more than 17 miles all the time so surely I could do it. The obstacles were mostly finding a good route, that I hadn't been on my bike in over a year and that I have a heavy mountain bike. Not to mention, the first week I attempted the ride both mine and Cory's bike tires were completely flat. The next week I borrowed a pump from my parents and luckily, the tires were just flat and didn't have holes in them.

So, Saturday, March 26th I set off at 8:30 am hoping to make it to Grandma's in time for the Easter Party at noon. I took various pictures to document my progress while I was taking breaks (which I took a lot of). Getting out of Provo was the steepest section with several long, steep hills. I eventually just walked the last one because I knew I had a lot more biking ahead of me and didn't want to waste all my energy on these stupid hills. 

I made it to Art City (Springville)! About this point, my muscles were tired and I had to take a 15 minute walking break because I thought I could not ride anymore. I wasn't even close to half way. I was questioning my sanity, but I eventually got back on my bike. As I continued, my muscles were pretty much numb. Every time I stopped to take a break, I had to go through the painful muscle portion to get them numb again so I really tried to limit my breaks but it was cold out so my lungs were on fire. 

 I was pretty excited when I saw the Spanish Fork limits sign in the middle of nowhere because I knew that meant I was practically halfway done. My next check point would be crossing under the freeway so I just kept focusing on how close I would feel once I was that far. 
It was a really nice morning but cold! I was glad I brought my mittens. At this point, I knew how close I was and I decided I wasn't going to stop again until I was there. Those last few miles were so hard and slow but I didn't stop. I could barely walk when I got there and felt so sore. I had heard at my work that a shot of pickle juice would stop me from being sore the next day so even though I hate it, I drank a small glass of pickle juice and didn't get sore at all. I also took some ibuprofen which helped the short term pain! 

It was a very fun adventure and now I feel like I could do anything. Hopefully, I can have more bike rides in my future.